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#reblogging again, this time from source

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forget me not.

maybe today will be a mega tumblr post…… i keep forgetting i have one!

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well… actually my mom did for me. she loves me, i know. 

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i just ordered these new headphones! yay! can’t wait to jam. 

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sunshine, a mini sunburn, mud, rain, rainbow..

Defiantly had a much needed chaotic weekend. Don’t let anyone stir you away from a 3 day pass to Lollapalooza.. its defiantly worth the $210 dollars. 

Friday… I arrived pretty early around noon to pick up my wristband.. only to find out that my barcode on my epass was being a bitch and didn’t want to scan.. so i stood in the “loll info” line for around 45 minutes until a nice lady came over and swaped my bitch of an epass for a nifty 3 day pass wristband. good.. done. off to chipotle for lunch and to starbucks to wait for my friend to get out of work at 3. 

3 approaches… time for Lollapalooza day 1. Smith Westerners, Two Door Cinema Club, and Coldplay. its 10p.. time to go home. 

Day 2……. amazing chicken tenders with hot sauce from Connie’s pizza, Ellie Goulding, Lykke Li (orgy fest much?), and My Morning Jacket/Beirut. (i chose beirut at the end.) 

Day 3…. possibly one of the worst. two consistent downpours that left me soaking wet. but included one of the best performances from lolla 11’ from Arctic Monkeys… missed my favorite and the only band I wanted to see Cold War Kids to the fucking rain. and cherry on top… my yummy chicken tenders got soaked. fml.

overall i give Lollapalooza 11’ a B-. it was okay. 

I can’t wait for next year. Mumford & Sons, Tokyo Police Club, Arcade Fire, and Cold War Kids kay, Lolla 2012’? 

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i promise a..

lolla megapost monday! 

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Day 01: Which regeneration of The Doctor would you most want to meet and why?

Eleven. Ever since that moment when we lost Ten he’s been there to make you smile. From his floppy hair down to his dirty boots he’s always got you on your toes. He’s spontaneous and occasionally irrational but when he messes up, he’s not afraid to admit it.

He’s extraordinarily caring, almost as if he wants to fix every problem he can in the universe. When he helped the Space Whale or when he tried so hard to save Rory or when he helped Vincent, he’s been trying to fix everything. When Rory died he tried so hard to help Amy even if she didn’t understand and it’s obvious then that he just wants everyone to be okay, for it to be the way it was before. He’s quirky, even his outfit conveys how weird he is inside. He loves to act like a kid, to run around where he’s not supposed to, to dance like no one’s looking at him. He loves to be different, even if Amy and River question it sometimes. He’s happy being himself. But even with the caring and the quirks, he’s got his dark part. When he knows there’s nothing he can do, when he’s pushed too far, when he’s being toyed with. He knows and he can’t handle it sometimes. Then there’s his relationships. He knows one day he’ll be flying alone again but it doesn’t matter. He wants to make sure that Amy and Rory are taken care of, that they know he loves them. He’s just a brilliant, brilliant Doctor. There’s nothing he can’t do and if he can’t, you know he’ll try to anyway. 

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